Braided Memoirs

I was six years when I started accomplishing mum for treating me like a doll. She had always got me hair clips and cute rubber bands and hair accessories . I had loved my hairs since then. She had beautiful,long, shiny and voluminous hairs those days.People around envied her and asked her secrets for her beautiful hairs.I remember sliding my fingers in those silky threads waving around her beautiful face.

It’s like a crown you wear to yourself – the healthy hairs. I remember having weird mood swings on bad hair days and canceling events and parties for that. I also felt a distinct negative aura surrounding me when I did not felt good about my hairs.

So , for our hairs are much more than Men could ever imagine. May be if they understood they won’t get annoyed if we ask them every fifteen minutes ” is my hair done” My braids were not so lovely those days but I had always tried to make them look beautiful.

One of the many things Angel admires about me is my hairs. Don’t we have the best feelings geared up when he touches our hairs , removes them from a face and slides them behind ears or rather smells them and says its intoxicating…

Written as a part of Beautiful Ends to your beautiful hairs
Dove Split End Rescue System


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