If you love a Writer , you’ll be Immortal

I would like to dedicate this post to my husband , my Angel, and my Everything. You have loved a Writer and You would be living forever through my words . Inevitably , you’ll show up in my pages . 

Be prepared because I’ll leave you.

Not for long, but there will be those moments where I would be mumbling and get lost in the world where nobody comes and goes . An idea, a character, a song has caught hold and I must capture it; I’ll be back. I might be cuddling you and looking at the sea but inside my head I had been spending time with mermaids and listening to fishes talk about the threats.I will not always like to share my deepest self with you because I am too scared of letting it out.

I look like everyone else around but inside I am nowhere close them. I can spend the best time of my life with my own self. If I can confess , I am never alone even when I am alone. I would not always appreciate meeting your friends and relatives and faking my love because for me either it is or it never will. I would never want you to make fun of my beliefs as it took a lot of faith for me to reveal that side of mine.

 I  will not always tell you how I feel out loud.

And even if I  do, trust to the fact that  I have rolled it around in my brain for quite some time before I come out with it. My words are my tools, my armor.  In my throat, sometimes they get caught and fall out all at once—or worse—slide back down and vanish until they flow through my fingers into the next story. 

The first thing I do as I wake up is to check my phone and next I kiss you. I want you to understand that I am not capable of starting my day before reading something that would  inspire me to the day. I want my fifteen minutes alone to communicate with God and hear him .I will send you a song , a sonnet ,  a quote or start a philosophical argument with you . I flirt with you when I do this.

You have to understand that I am somewhere from fairy tales and I would believe everything will be alright even when we are the last couple alive on earth. Optimism in me is Madness. I would fight over things nobody cares to bother. I would spend days doing nothing and still feel accomplished and content. 

I want you to say those things to me that you feel about me. I want you to kiss me on the forehead when you liked something I did for you. I want you to leave me a message in the midst of your office work saying ” I miss you ” I want you to lie down with me and talk about everything we have gone through together . I want you to feel my silence and hear what my soul has to say to you.

You’re more than a Husband to me , more than a Best Friend to me more than anything anyone could be in this world. The Relationship I share with you is Beyond who You and Me are…


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