Ram Leela Controversy

I slept last night debating over a Facebook status by a friend f mine which goes like this – Extremely unfortunate: Hinduism is the only religion which very calmly digest’s the mockery of their God & Goddess as evident in several Bollywood songs, movies and comedy shows. Have we lost our faith? Or it is just a fake devotion. And the comments went somewhat like this – I have banned myself from watching such movies, if more and more people wud start rejecting such ideas, I am sure Bhansali types of Idiots will not have an audience. It is only we as a society encourage such people to try to insult our culture and religion and If we ourselves will make fun of our gods, then who will respect our religion.it demands respect, unity, faith and a strong struggle for survival by its followers. History has many examples.

Now If only we don’t believe everything that’s been posted on social networking sites and do a very little research on it. Ram Leela The Movie is based on Shakespeare’s Novel Romeo and Juliet and it depicts nothing about L ord Rama. Several religious group is opposing and misleading it by depicting the character Rama as our lord shown vulgar. Wikipedia says – Additional District Judge A.S. Jayachandra, in an ex-parte interim order, restrained the movie’s director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Eros promoters from releasing the movie till further orders. The court’s order came on a suit filed by six petitioners, including Prabhu Samaj Dharmik Ram Leela Committee, saying the movie hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus as it contains sex, violence and vulgarity. The plea said the word “Ram Leela” is associated with Lord Rama and people will also watch this movie with an expectation that it would be related to his life but the film will hurt their sentiments. On the contrary, the film is portraying sex, violence and vulgarity, which is deeply hurting the religious sentiments and feelings of Hindus, the petitioners said.

Sex is the most misunderstood term in our country , India. It is a physical , emotional and spiritual union of tow bodies and souls. How can it be something vulgar. Gods had sex too. I might be sounding weird but it’s time to let go of all the bondage Hinduisms has tied itself too and continues to entangle next generations in it.

How misleading is this view that Ramleela is about Lord Rama !! Praying for pity minds of some of my Indian brothers and sisters who have lived all their lives in a LIE

And how fair is it to restrict God to one religion? He is much higher and nobler than any religion could have ever existed on Earth. No religion teaches you to declare or prove your supremacy over the other . Your Hinduism is as pious as Christianity or Judaism or Sikhism or Islamic . Nothing at all can make you superior over the other . And if I can quote from Sophie World – one of the finest ever written the psychological novel , it says – All Religions have the same roots and they might have developed from the single ideology.

A request to everyone who reads this – Stop indulgence in hatred , violence and insensitivity in a name of Religion.


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