Endings are new beginnings

It was a wonderful experience being a part of octpowrimo.com/2013 .Truly grateful towards God for having me meet wonderful souls through this prompt. There were times I felt not writing at all and there were times I had so much to say that I amazed myself. I have learned that it has to get inside your deepest held feelings for the best to come. Doing it just for the sake of doing won’t help

It writhes my soul
when I look at them
tied and entangled
dead rituals
seeking GOD
He lives in you
and you are
everywhere else
they curse and crib
and light a candle
in front of idols
and claim
their love for god
They can’t love
his creations
and they claim
to adore the Creator !
he wants you
to love yourself
and thy neighbor
how can they preach
the invisible
when what they see
they do not admire
He is so misunderstood
God is so misunderstood

Diwali is in few days It is the most celebrated festival of India .We call it a festival of lights. And somewhere we have left God far far behind in the midst of customs and rituals that have become obligatory and not heart warming

the carelessness of a child
the free bird a daughter is
fighting over remote with siblings
getting angry for things to be done
not talking to anyone
not eating food for days
demanding your favorite dish
to be cooked !
is coming to an end
for a new beginning
where I have to cook for myself
and the new family
where I can’t get angry for no reason
where I am supposed to be a big girl
where I am the care taker
miss being pampered by mom
miss throwing tantrums at her
miss early morning breakfast in bed
miss being called beautiful by her
But there is a hubby to
make me feel like a Princess
to cook me food when I’m tired
to hug me as soon as he’s home
to kiss me good morning
there are new cousins
to giggle around with
but those free carefree days
were the best !!

Right now is the happiest I had ever been before in my life and I am experiencing the best of both worlds. I am enjoying every bit of my life but it also marks an end to my being a careless carefree daughter of my mom

It is also an end to www.octpowrimo.com which taught me a lot about myself .I could let go od my deepest fears and express my gratitude towards God more lovingly. I tried to let loose of myself and float freely on my emotions. I was most inspired by Aavika ,Nabila and Payal. I was always left thoughtful by shahscribbles. She is a wonderful soul and not to forget Ankit a terrific writer he is and I was not lucky enough to have read Nimue whom everyone talks about so much Hope I get to read her

And there are so many others of you whom I have read religiously even If I never left comments .I am grateful for being a part of this wonderful place


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