I Shall Fall And Rise Again

I have been away from  Blogging for long , wanted to discover my own depths and my own strengths before saying aloud it to the world .

A letter to Him

God ,

You have always given me all I could ever ask from you as a loving father 
I trusted my instincts when you said angel and me will be together towards the end, I trusted you when I heard you saying he is the one you’ve made for me ,I kept my faith strongly even when everyone here on earth told me we won’t end u together.I kept my faith even when I was shaking down and breaking into pieces

I assured him too that you are with us ! why did you leave me than god..why is that I don’t hear you talking to  me anymore , why is it that I cry nights and you don’t come and tell me , ” stop crying “

why is it that all the faith I bestowed upon you is about to break down into thousand pieces ???

answer me god !

Nobody will understand our circumstances , they had all say our love was weak .

and me , I will move on..I know I will 

but as a lifeless human being… would be The Enchantress who has failed in love.

God , I am still holding onto you even when you are silent , maybe you are working more and more 

maybe you want us to face it , cry and move on.

maybe you want us to keep fighting all our lives.

just talk to me one more time , God ! I shall do your will , just show me the right path.

A letter to my angels 

Angels ,

I will delete this most wonderful place of mine if I fail in love..its a promise..let no one fall in love if pain is all God kept for lovers.


5 thoughts on “I Shall Fall And Rise Again

  1. Dear Nikki, Let me tell you something … very mundane and much told, yet it still holds true that if hope is all there is left, hope is all there will be.
    So hang on. God will talk to you, because he puts us to test only to teach us stuff that we need to learn. So perhaps, there is something that you are not able to see now, but you will, in good time. Until then, hang on.
    Loads of hugssssssss..


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