Being happy is a choice ,Once you’ve made the decision ,you’ll find it in everything u see n everything u do “

happiness is inside..everything outside would only hurt.Search for inner tranquility for it shall never go in vain.

love makes life got to keep it alive somehow too fades with time..until it’s not replenished each day.

say something new each day and do something new

feel the childhood of your love and you’ll feel closer.

talk about college crushes and you’ll know he always searched for you in each girl

life is pretty simple.

colors dance

forget and dance.

french is fun..united states is etats unis.

It n’exist pas

It does not exist.

a book or a pen is he or she :p

but it’s fun and older kind of form of english

J’aime PARIS πŸ™‚

J’aime beacoup en FRANCE πŸ™‚

i love PARIS πŸ™‚


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