The Special one who made it 100 is Soumya , A wonderful Blog Owner

On this happy occasion , I ‘ll talk only about Happy things…My Angel , Most of you have agreed upon the fact that I am obsessed and addicted of him , Someone suggested Marriage is the only cure 🙂 

It would be the best day of my life when we would get knotted together for lifetime..Second best day would be to hold my Li’l Princess in my arms and Angel hugging both of us !!

Isn’t Love such a beautiful thing….It makes one person the whole world for us..How we reward one such special guy or gal as the best on earth..In a way , we have millions of guys and gals who are the best in someone’ s eyes…Making this world a perfect place to live in…

My Angel is rare…He is one of the limited editions of God..
I have never seen him rude or losing patience in worst of conditions…
I can doubt anything in this world, yet not his love..
Someone who cares about little things and these is the moments which make you fall in love..
He is the one who would never demand what he wants ..but surprisingly , he gets everything he desires..

A guy who would think of hugging you whole night and looking into your eyes…

Someone whom you would love to share your heart with…

A guy who stays away from other girls…as he believes he has the best with her…

One who makes you as comfortable as you feel with your family….

Someone who would know all you could never say in words just by looking into your eyes…

One of those guys you can feel they are hurt by their voice…when they know you are ill.

Someone who would never say anything he does not means…

A guy who would keep his promises and you can trust his words even when he is drunk..

One who gets gifts for his cousins , aunts and parents and maintains healthy relationships..

One who would do anything to stop the tears of a friend…

Someone you had always doubt does not belongs to the earth and could be an Angel…

Yes , He is my Angel….


15 thoughts on “100 Followers

  1. Wow…i loved this line..He is one of those guys who would keep staring in your eyes , no matter a gal passes by nude..You're so lucky to have him ,he's one of a kind. Both got overflowing of love to each other..hope it's forever!!
    Dear ,just a reminder don't give your 100%love ,spare something for yourself…


  2. Congratulations girl, more people would stop by here as you keep on spreading a good mood…
    Soumya? She writes good, beautifully.

    About your man, WOW, he's got something to his credit. Bless you both 🙂

    Blasphemous Aesthete


  3. wish you both a happy life together., and may god bless happiness.

    infact very very soon iam also going to be married(next week), marriage is wonderful and brings lots of happiness and peace of mind.


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