She Believed In Magic

I am a girl who believes in Magic. I feel the love in all things I touch, I see and I hear. When I look up at the sky, I see clouds forming hearts and lovers. When I look at the ground, I see the beauty of this world. I visualize the compassionate love a woman feels for his child, Undying affection for his beloved, sacrificing all she has for the ones she values. I am in love with the feminine body we are wrapped in, so delicate yet so charming, so beautiful yet so strong, enclosing the entire world’s beauty inside.

Someone who believes in the mysterious and magical. Miracles do happen in our lives if we are conscious of what’s happening around us. Angel did came to my life and it was a Miracle. My life was lifeless before I met him.

It was a miracle that he could read my eyes the very first time he saw me. One guy in my Life and Happiness surrounds me from all the sides. It could not be just a coincidence that we met.

I feel bliss when I feel love around me.

I do believe when things aren’t in your control when you can’t decide what’s right and what’s wrong ,Just close your eyes ,look inside your heart and know is it really worth pondering ? Is it gonna affect your life to such a great extent ? Is it worth all the pain you are giving to yourself

Always remember you are god’s own child..He had sent you to feel the bliss,feel the beauty and be happy.let all your pain get washed away in the dew drops from heaven.


18 thoughts on “She Believed In Magic

  1. @ Haze – 🙂 Thanks sweetheart !

    @ Ria – 🙂 True

    @ Rachit – 🙂 Yes ,it does.

    @ Duchess – 🙂 Thankieeee

    @ Megha – 🙂 Blushes !!

    @ Rashmi – True..Love is such a harmless drug 🙂

    @ Neeha – 🙂 Could be !!


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