20 Random Questions

1 – Where were you three hours ago ?

– In ” Meeting Room “,watching cricket with colleagues with my fingers crossed,enjoying the facial expressions more than the match..hehee..

2- Is there anything pink within 10 feet from you ?

– Ummm…one of my colleagues is wearing pink dress.I am in green today,environment friendly,you see..

3 – What are you wearing right now ?

– Green short kurti and black leggings.

4. What are the colours of your bedroom wall ?

– Purple….I love purple.

5 -Who is the last person you sent a message ?

– My best buddy , Rohit who calls me daily, no matter what.

6 -What does your last text message says ?

– I am bored.

7 -Can you taste the difference between pepsi and coke ?

– hehehe..i can’t.

8- Is your hair straight or curly ?

– Straight …

9 – what is the hardest thing you ever had to do ?

– ummm…..actually ,there are so many…Making decisions are the hardest thing for me..

10- Favourite 2 colour combination ?

– white and blue

11-what is your favourite accessory ?

– m crazzzzy about bags.

12- what is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning ?

– I am going to have a great day today…

13 – Favourite food ?

South Indian food, Angel and me both love it.

14 – Biggest turn off ?

15 – What do you always have on you /wear ?
– nothing as such…

16 -What does your screen name mean ?

Enchantress is a mystical and magical lady who practices magic .

17 – Favourite style of top ?

– Girly…

18 – What does your dream bedroom look like ?

like dis.

19- What is your favourite tv show ?

I watch anything and everything leaving sports and discovery.

20- What was the best compliment you ever got ?

– ” A girl straight out of my dreams ” someone told me.


10 thoughts on “20 Random Questions

  1. @ Neeha – I had loads of free time in Office yesterday as my Boss was busy watching the Match <3 <3

    @ Crazy Diamond – hehehee…I know,it makes me smile every time.<3 ❤


  2. haha… i'm crazy about bags tOooo!♥
    and aw! every girl dreams of having roses in their beds 🙂

    you are simply magical, nikita 🙂 love yah always.. always. 🙂


  3. hmmmmmmm…. luvly best complimnt dere!! 🙂
    even i don't watch sports bt discvry i find nice to watch!!(not everything ofcourse i dont like watching those creepy snakes n all but travel shows n under sea life n actually depends if u have smthing better to watch or not !!! 🙂
    n congrats !!!!! we indians are gonno get the cup dis time 🙂 😀 hihihihi


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