Daddy’s Little Girl

I am my dad’s little girl,
I am his cutie,
I love him more than life,
He is my precious jewel.

He taught me to be strong,
He lends me his arms when I fall,
He shouted at me when I was loud,
He made my life, lovely place to dwell.

He never shows his emotions,
He never shows his pains.
He takes all the burden,
So that we walk in plain.

Here, I wanna say “I love you Dad”,
I am proud to be your princess,
I know how much you care for me,
Even though You never show.

4 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. First time here..
    Happy to discover a wonderful blog..
    That was a thoughtful act from your side to have given a poem to your dad as a fathers' day gift.
    “He made my life ,lovely place to dwell.”- that was very touching..Keep blogging..


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