I Wish To Quit My Job To Follow My DREAM

I started my first job before I completed my graduation.It was during summer vacation I thought the best way to utilize time was to start earning.I worked in an Institute.From a college classroom, I was transported to a Management Institute.I worked as a Counselor who guided students about career and development which should lead only towards pursuing MBA.It was a learning experience.How people are fooled in a name of providing quality education was a live example in front of my eyes.

When I started working, I never looked back.Neither was I satisfied with the kind of work I did nor I wanted to quit it.I was in a dilemma to do or not to do.All I knew was this was not my cup of tea.


I am in a kind of job, I do not enjoy.It can not bring satisfaction to me.I do not see any way out of it.The art of making men spend money on your product is not instilled within me.I have the ability to touch people’s heart, I can make my words speak.I can bring to words the inexpressible things of the world.I basically just did the same thing again and again.I had been thinking about resigning since the day I joined.I knew I was taking things for granted or was I afraid to take the risk of getting into a new field.This fear continues to hamper me. I held endless debates with myself and kept pushing back my self-imposed resignation deadlines because I was too busy entertaining fear and uncertainty over what could happen without this job

I want to follow my dreams.Most successful men in the world are not those who are hardworking or dedicated towards their work but those who have  the courage to make their passion their work.


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