She Is Lost And Screaming For Help

Someone groans in the darkness. Someone cries endlessly and writhes in terrible pain. Someone wants to find her way out of the pit she’s sunk into, but she’s frozen in fear and does not know the way. How do you save her? How do you bring her back into the light?

Shall you call out my name and shout ” Get out of it , Its dirty inside”.Would you make me realise how beautiful it is to see the bright lights and new shades of life?Or would you sit back and cry for me and call out for help.

There is no way out but to get into the darkness and take me to lights.No, it’s not an easy thing, never will be. But if we are to truly desire to share the happiness we have where we are, we must be willing to leave it for a while so we can accompany those who do not know their way.Are they in poverty? Then you must be willing to eat the bread of the poor. Are they in prison? Then you must be willing to sleep where homeless men dwell. Are they weeping? Then you must be willing to have your heart broken, so you may understand, and so you may not judge where their tears are coming from.

But make certain also that you bring enough light with you; otherwise, you will both be stranded in the darkness.Bring as much light as you can so that you do not get washed away with darkness rather stand firm against its flow.Bring as much love as you can, So that you feel a responsibility to keep going.

Be prepared for opposition, especially from the one you’re trying to help. Change is never an easy thing, and fear is probably the greatest enemy to overcome

Such is the way to rescue someone who is lost, and such is the way each and every one of us has all been saved.


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