Fight With Depression

A lot of things you can do for depression require you to do the opposite of how you feel when depressed.

Depressed people often stay indoors, do not go out, keep the drapes drawn and the lights out. They often sleep all day and stay up all night. They do not exercise or clean house. They frequently let their hygiene go. They do not “take care of business” such as bills, errands, etc. They do not socialize and will stop seeing friends or family. They will not answer the door or the phone.
How can this be reversed? By forcing yourself to do the opposite of how you feel. Here are a few examples.

Expose Yourself – To Sunshine
Research has shown that exposure to sunshine reduces depression. This makes perfect sense.This only exacerbates feelings of isolation, sadness and hopelessness. Even if you just go sit outside, exposing yourself to sunlight will help lift your mood.

. Exercise
peeople struggling with depression often find themselves with greatly reduced levels of energy and increased levels of fatigue. The last thing in the world they feel like doing is exercising, yet this may be the antithesis to fatigue.

Depression can make you isolate and avoid contact with other people.

Change your Diet
People fighting depression often use a diet of caffeine, simple carbs and sugars in an attempt to boost their energy.

Avoid drugs and alcohol
Cocaine, methamphetamine, speed and other stimulants are frequently used by people struggling with depression to artificially lift their mood.

Research has shown that the bacteria found in dirt lifts the mood. Gardening also requires you to be outdoors and therefore, exposed to sunshine.The future is unthinkable and the hopelessness is palpable. Engaging in an activity which invests them in a future, and a future filled with beauty, can help get them out of that mindset

Eliminate stressors
These days many of us are working more and more for less and less. Budgets are tight and financial sterssors alone can be killers.Check your priorities. Look at your schedule. Examine your life. What are your priorities? Are you devoting as much time to them as you would like? Perhaps taking your kids to the park and sitting together for a family dinner is more important than soccer, or the gym or running errands for the neighbor. Perhaps you need more quiet time for yourself.

Change jobs
If you are in a dead end, unfulfilling job or working too long for too little, it may be time to find work that is more satisfying. you are very unhappy in an endeavor where you spend the majority of your time, this will eventually take its emotional toll. I have seen clients who cried all the way to work during the commute every morning.

Change your relationships
If you tend to surround yourself with people who use you, abuse you, have drug or alcohol problems, have depression or other psychological problems, or are excessively needy you may sink into a depressive state from the sheer mental exhaustion of always meeting their needs instead of your own.

Express your anger
Suppressed anger turns into depression. It takes a lot of energy to hold down anger, so it’s healthier to let it out. Unfortunately, a lot of people equate anger with aggression, violence or rage.Anger can be expressed in a calm, quiet way, such as simply telling someone that they you will not allow them to treat you that way.It can also be as simple as saying, “No” to someone who is taking advantage of you.

Stimulate Your Mind
Depression can be worsened when we are locked in a mind-numbing routine which never changes. Minds need healthy stimulation. Take yourself to an art gallery, a concert, or a picnic at the park. Expose your mind to new sights, sounds or ideas.

Clean Your House

Cleaning house when depressed often requires a Herculean effort.Schlepping around in a dirty, cluttered house all day really brings you down. It’s a reflection of how you feel and how you feel about yourself.

Drink Plenty of Water
Dehydration causes fatigue and fatigue worsens depression. Dehydration can reduce blood volume and diminish blood flow to the organs, slowing down your brain and impairing concentration and memory, common problems for people with depression.Drink water throughout the day to boost energy levels and sharpen your thinking. Don’t wait until your thirsty.

Spread Happiness
Stay happy and spread happiness wherver you go.It has been believed that a person receives not only what you tell them verbally but also what your heart feels for them.If you are cursing someone inside and saying get well soon.Your curses would reach first then your words.You automatically feel good by looking at someone,its because that person sends you positive vibrations and love through thoughts.Spread happiness.


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